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We’re drawing upon all our childhood film favorites this week to celebrate family-friendly dishes and activities.  Don’t kid yourself — a fiberful pasta dish goes a long way in helping you feel full and animated. Perfect for those long, active summer days!

This week’s blockbuster prize will be a hit with kids of all ages – a home movie projector and indoor/outdoor screen! We know there’s nothing better than cooling off in the basement with a movie after a day of fun in the sun! To enter to win one of three prize packs, create a Pinterest board that highlights your best ideas for family summer fun and your favorite hot weather pasta recipes and enter the URL here. Remember, each entry will also be included in the drawing for the #Pastapalooza2018 Summer Blockbuster Grand Prize – $1,000 Visa Gift Card + a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta!



Chicken Taco Pasta Salad

Fruit & Yogurt Elbows

Lunchbox Pasta Salad

Taco Spaghetti


Chick Flicks!

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Whether they’re emotional tear jerkers, heart-swelling love stories, or side-splitting comedies, “chick flicks” have one thing in common – they’re best shared with a BFF. So, call your favorite co-star, grab a bottle of white, and whip up these delicious chick(en) dishes for your next movie night.

The only thing better than a night at the movies is a day at the spa. Enter to win one of two prize packs that include a $200 Gift Cards and family pack of Dreamfields pasta. To enter, upload a photo of you and your BFF on the #Pastapalooza2018 website or post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @HealthyPasta and #Pastapalooza2018! Remember, you can enter daily. Each entry folds into the Grand Prize drawing of a year’s supply of Dreamfields + $1,000 Visa Gift Card! Get all the details here!



Chicken & Bacon Rotini

Tuscan Pasta with Chicken

Creamy Basil & Chicken Pasta

Chicken Caprese Salad


Summer Pasta Blockbusters

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Pastapalooza is back!

Nothing says summer like a great lineup of movies at the box office. . .or a great lineup of seasonal pasta dishes on your table! Celebrating summer with our star-studded lineup of pasta recipes, coupons, contests, and prizes.  …

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Get Happy! Shake Off the Winter Blues and Feel Great – Fast!

May 10th, 2018  |  By:


If you thought this past winter was NEVER going to end, you weren’t alone. Many places in the United States got an extra-large dose of snow, cold, and dark skies that extended long past the official first day of spring. For some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) made the winter doubly difficult, but now that spring is really here there a few things that will you feel better fast….

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Looking for a Little Nutritional Inspiration? Try Something NEW!

April 12th, 2018  |  By:


Do you eat the same breakfast every day? Do you have the same go-to vegetable or salad that finds its way to your table night after night? Do you “brown bag it” to ensure you eat a healthy lunch and be more penny-wise? Healthy eating can be delicious and rewarding with these unexpected ways to mix in vegetables, and even fruit, with your pasta….

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Seafood on a Budget? There Are Plenty of Delicious Options!

March 21st, 2018  |  By:


It’s truly the season for fresh fish dishes. Seafood is generally low in fat and a great source of protein, but for some of us eating seafood on a regular basis can be a bit expensive. Here are some great tips to add seafood to your diet and still stay on budget!

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Dancin' In the Streets picture

Summer’s here and we’re dancing in the streets to celebrate #Pastapalooza17!

Whether you’re dancin’ in Chicago or down in New Orleans, block parties are a great way to great way to celebrate summer with neighbors and friends. To help you plan your summer blockbuster, we’re sharing some party-perfect Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits below. In addition, we’ve created a special Pinterest board with more block party planning ideas and invite you to do the same….

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June 22nd, 2017  |  By:

Vacation picture

Vacation is all we ever wanted. So pack up those flip flops, shore up that sunscreen and go explore – whether it’s your home town or sites across the globe!

We’re sharing some vacation-friendly Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits where the focus is on fun, NOT food prep! Easy, delicious, and healthy, these recipes will be on the table in no time!  What is YOUR favorite vacation spot with the family? Share a photo of your family enjoying summer vacation and you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE prizes consisting of a Dreamfields Family Pack and a $100 gift card! All entries automatically feed into our grand prize drawing for a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta and a $1,000 gift card! Remember, only one entry per day….

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Toes in the Water Picture

Nothing feels better to dear old dad on a hot summer day than dippin’ his toes in the water and filling his stomach with delicious food!

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re sharing our best dad-friendly recipes from our Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits. But if you really want to make dad feel like a king, just click here (add hyperlink) , enter your name and email address (or his) and you might win this week’s prize – a case of Dreamfields pasta, 9-person instant tent and a portable LED tent light/ceiling fan. When you enter for this prize, you’ll also be automatically entered into our grand prize of a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta and a $1,000 gift card! Remember – only one entry per day. Click here to enter.  Life is good today!…

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Schools Out picture

The last school bell has rung and the kids are in heaven. School’s Out For Summer and while we may not have any pencils, we sure have some A+ family-friendly recipes from our Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits that make it easy to eat a little bit healthier….

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