Want to Achieve Your 2019 Health and Fitness Goals?

April 18th, 2019   |  By:

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Can you really achieve your health and fitness goals by thinking positive? Yes! You can! If you’re welcoming spring feeling like you’ve fallen behind in your fitness goals already, thinking positive may be just what you need to get back on track.

It may sound too good to be true, but staying positive can be an incredibly effective way to lose weight, exercise more and make better health choices. Scientists estimate humans have about 60,000 thoughts every day, so if you’re mired down in negative thinking, changing your thought patterns is a good first step to achieving your goals. The good part is a few simple steps can turn things around – here are some quick tips to get started:

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts – You may be surprised at how many negative or self-defeating thoughts you have about your ability to stick to your goals. When an “I can’t” thought pops into your head, turn it into an “Of course I can” moment. Can’t find the energy to take a walk? Yes, I can. Can’t resist the second helping of an indulgent dish? Yes, I can. The more you tell yourself “I got this”, the more you will realize that you are in charge!
  2. Pick a tangible reminder – Wear a rubberband around your wrist, put a favorite photo on your desk, or carry something in your pocket that you can access easily. When you have a negative thought or are about to skip that walk or eat that donut, you have a reminder of the contract you have with yourself. It’s surprising how easy it is to stay on goal when you’ve got a friendly reminder.
  3. Choose a daily theme – As you’re starting the day, choose something to be thankful for, a positive achievement from the day before to remind yourself that to stay positive. It could be as simple as, “Yesterday I walked an extra ½ mile” or “I have stuck to my goals for 26 days, today is 27”, to remind you to stay on goal. When you feel droopy or despondent, repeat your theme of the day – before you know it you’ll feel better!
  4. Meditate – While this may be a current trend, meditation has been proven effective for thousands of years. Clearing your mind and quieting the negative chatter in your brain can have a surprisingly uplifting effect on your overall outlook. If you need help with getting started, here are some quick tips for starting this new habit.
  5. Think spring –  Ok, this may be just a seasonal suggestion, but spring really IS the time for renewal, and it’s an easy way to feel great and stay focused on the positive. With everything in bloom and the weather (finally) improving, it’s an easy way to feel great!
  6. Find an app –  Yes, we said that – there are apps for positive thoughts and meditation. If you’ve ever used an app for lists, travel, recipes, etc., you’re tech-savvy enough to use one of the many apps that help train your brain to be positive or stay focused. You can find some great suggestions here.

Do YOU have a tip for consistently staying positive and focused on your healthy living or fitness goals? Share them with us in the comments OR on our Facebook page. We love to hear tips from our fans!

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