Trendy Food Flavors To Spice Up Your Menu!

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You may have noticed that many restaurants are adding menu items that incorporate new flavors that add a bit of global flair – often with delicious results. New food trends like Korean barbecue, curry-infused cocktails, and ginger-spiced seafood are just the tip of the iceberg. Consumers are enjoying more world flavors, and you may find that your favorite eatery has some interesting new menu items that are delicious and healthy, too. What you may NOT know is that they are a great way to add flavor to your healthy pasta dishes. Here are four that are becoming more common in dishes with Indian, Asian and Mediterranean flavors.


Loved for its zippy flavor that’s adaptable to both sweet and spicy recipes. It’s a great addition to Asian stir fry recipes as well as cold noodle dishes, and add a little zip to teas and citrus-based recipes.


Garlic is used in many cuisines and adds a delicious, subtle flavor to any dish. When it’s roasted it develops a mellow, almost buttery flavor that is fantastic spread on bread or tossed with olive oil and pasta.


This amazing, fragrant herb has a woodsy flavor and scent that’s similar to lavender. It’s a great complement to pork and chicken dishes and imparts a fresh, earthy flavor to food.


If you love to spice things up, then this is the pepper for you! It’s not crazy hot, but it still adds a great zip to dishes – especially pasta!

The best part of this tasty trend is that it’s easy for you to add these flavors to your everyday meals. Here are two great recipes that are a delicious addition to your menu.

Ginger Noodle Salad – Get the recipe HERE!

Tomato with White Bean and Garlic Sauce – Get the recipe HERE!

Blackened Shrimp Pasta  – Get the recipe HERE!

Grilled Summertime Veggies with Pasta  – Get the recipe HERE!

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