Move It! Eight Healthy Hacks You May Not Have Thought Of

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Move it or lose it! Or, better yet, move it and lose it with these eight “healthy hacks” you may not have thought of before. Make a plan to incorporate these ideas all at once or one by one and you will see results. Small steps add up to a healthier you!

Park your car in the at the back of the lot.
Besides making it less likely that your car will get dinged you’ll also be guaranteed at least two long walks every day you work. You’ll also save yourself plenty of time and frustration trying to find the perfect spot.

Return your supermarket cart.
Similar to parking your car at the back of the lot, this is a very minor habit that will guarantee you another mini workout each time you shop.

Exercise Log Ideas from Abby H. via FB Bullet Journal Junkies Group

Exercise Log Ideas from Abby H. via FB Bullet Journal Junkies Group



Schedule your exercise times.
Getting your exercise times on the calendar is a big part of making the routine stick. Once it’s written down you’re that much more likely to actually go. You can make this habit more effective by committing to the same time each week or month.

Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
While this is a pretty classic suggestion, it’s not without reason. Every time you take the stairs, you burn a few more calories. Just walking up the stairs for 15 minutes in a week would add up to an extra 150 calories burned.

Keep hand weights on the sofa.
Keeping a pair of weights or an elastic resistance band near the couch will encourage you to exercise when you normally would be vegging out. Even doing a set of push-ups or crunches during commercials will burn a few more calories, getting you ever closer to your target goal.


Stand when the phone rings.
Yet another habit that seems silly at first, standing up every time the phone rings can have a big impact on your health. This is due to the fact that spending extensive amounts of time in a sedentary position can actually be hazardous to your health, even if you exercise regularly. Just getting up for as short as a minute will help avoid many health issues so by standing every time you take a call is just one more small way that you can do something good for yourself.

Change up your activities each month.
Experimenting with one new activity per month is a great way to keep your exercise routine fresh. More importantly, it’s a great way to find something that you really love and will stick with long term.

Hit the gym for 10 minutes every day.
Consistency is a huge part of weight loss. While only going to the gym for 10 minutes may seem silly at face value, the ritual will prevent an off day growing into an off week or month. Commit to at least a 10 minutes a day and you’ll exercise more consistently. (Feel free to continue if you wish after those first 10 minutes.)


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