Making a Healthy Lifestyle Plan is All About the Small Things

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Having a plan is one way you can make your weight loss goals that much more concrete and less intimidating. Today we’re talking about how it’s really all about the small things.

We’ve come up with a list of simple things you can do on a regular basis that will help you reach your goal. Many of them may seem minor, but the more of these positive, mindful eating habits you take on, the more likely you are to keep to a healthy lifestyle long term.

Eat breakfast every day.
This is often one of the easiest and most overlooked steps we can take to maintaining a healthy body weight. After several hours of rest overnight our bodies need to refuel. Not eating for 8 or more hours kicks your body over into survival mode. This slows down your body’s metabolism and causes you to crave junk food as well as increases the likelihood that you’ll overeat.

Eat a piece of fruit each day.
Whether it’s an apple, orange, pear, clementine, or something else you’ll be working on another healthy habit that will lead to others. Even better is if you can trade an unhealthy snack for that piece of fruit. You’ll get all the health benefits of the fruit, while saving on calories.
Pack lunch just once a week.Another small step towards an overall healthier lifestyle, packing a lunch allows you to predetermine what you’re going to eat. This allows you to save money and calories by choosing healthier alternatives.

Keep healthy snacks at the office.
Having a supply of low-calorie snacks at the office is a great idea for those times that you find yourself craving that extra bit of fuel towards the end of the day. As an added bonus you’ll have more freedom to pick snacks you’ll actually enjoy rather than being a slave to whatever still resides in the vending-machine.

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Include a vegetable with dinner every night.
Many of us don’t even come close to eating as many servings of vegetables as we should, so make sure to get at least one serving on your plate each night. For ideas on how to incorporate vegetables into dinner each night visit the Dreamfields Pasta Recipe Section.

Try one new fruit or vegetable every month.
One of the easiest ways to stay on a healthy diet is to keep things interesting by indulging in a bit of exploration. See what is in season at your grocery store or local farmer’s market then test your culinary prowess by cooking with something new. Again you can check the Dreamfields Pasta Recipe Section for new recipe ideas.


Start every meal with water.
Water is an important part of your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Besides being necessary for proper digestion, drinking water before you start eating will help fill you up and be a natural preventive measure to overeating as we often mistake thirst for hunger.

When tackling a big resolution like weight loss or living healthier it’s not about huge leaps, but instead it’s about creating lasting habits.

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