Get Happy! Shake Off the Winter Blues and Feel Great – Fast!

May 10th, 2018   |  By:


If you thought this past winter was NEVER going to end, you weren’t alone. Many places in the United States got an extra-large dose of snow, cold, and dark skies that extended long past the official first day of spring. For some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) made the winter doubly difficult, but now that spring is really here there a few things that will you feel better fast.

Eat Healthier NOW!

It’s the perfect time to increase your intake of lean protein, fresh veggies and seasonal fruits. Keeping the right foods on hand and adding an extra serving of vegetables at each meal is a quick way to get back on track. There are a few mood-boosting foods that are easy to incorporate into meals and snack time. Check out this blog for a few quick tips for eating healthier and combating the doldrums.

Add a Little Extra Exercise

Most of us could use a little extra exercise, and now that the weather is more accommodating, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the extra sunshine. A quick walk in the morning before you start your day or extra time in the garden may be all you need to feel noticeably better.

Get Social!

During the colder winter months, it’s easy to stay in and skip social engagements or even your normal movie night or book club. Get back into the swing of things and reconnect with your social circle and you’ll notice an immediate lift in your mood. Schedule a night out with friends or a weekend outing with your spouse where you can enjoy the outdoors and relax.

Schedule a Vacation

If you’re feeling particularly organized, schedule a vacation for next February or March when the winter doldrums are at their worst. It will give you something to look forward to after the holidays are over – you’ll thank yourself next year!

Take Care of Yourself

Since 80% of people who suffer from SAD are women it’s important to remember to take care of yourself or the woman in your life. For some, it’s simple to snap out of the seasonal blues as soon as the daffodils are in bloom, but for others it takes some intentional steps to get back on track. If you’re feeling more tired than normal for days at a time and have lost interest in activities you once enjoyed, seek help from your doctor. Learn more about SAD and resources from the National Institute of Health.

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