Dreamfields Pasta – The Best Pasta from the Finest Wheat

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Few places in the world can grow the special kind of wheat to make pasta. North Dakota is one of these regions, and is where Dreamfields Pasta is made. It all starts with world-class No. 1 Hard Amber Durum wheat, which is grown specifically for making pasta. In Latin, durum means hard. We mill it into coarse ground flour, called semolina. Durum semolina is what gives Dreamfields its bright amber color, delicious taste and firm al dente bite. Pasta made from inferior quality durum or other classes of wheat will be sticky and clump together when cooked and have a soft, mushy bite. Even the finest Italian pasta makers import high protein durum wheat grown in North Dakota!

North Dakota is a vast, agriculturally rich region populated with neighbors who help neighbors. Farm families work together to raise quality crops each year and many eventually pass the farm onto the next generation. Small towns dot the map, like Carrington, which is home to our durum mill and pasta factory. Meet one of the farm families who grow durum and see how Dreamfields Pasta is made.

Watch the video here.

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