Seafood on a Budget? There Are Plenty of Delicious Options!

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It’s truly the season for fresh fish dishes. Seafood is generally low in fat and a great source of protein, but for some of us eating seafood on a regular basis can be a bit expensive. Here are some great tips to add seafood to your diet and still stay on budget!

Canned Tuna and Salmon

These delicious fish are readily available canned and at a great price. Canned light tuna and salmon are generally low in mercury and high in protein. Eaten once a week, they can be a great addition to your menu!

Easy Tuna Penne

Easy Tuna Penne


For salmon lovers, trout is a great alternative and it’s about $4 less per pound on average. Like salmon, it’s loaded with Omega-3 and is simple to prepare as a filet or with in a tasty pasta dish. It’s also readily available smoked which adds variety and flavor to any dish. Try it!

Garden Market Basket Trout

Garden Market Basket Trout


If fresh shrimp is beyond your budget, frozen shrimp is a great alternative – especially when you’re adding it to a delicious pasta recipe. Shrimp is generally frozen within hours of being caught, so you really are getting a tasty option if you keep it properly stored.

wp2014_Sesame Shrimp & Broccoli with Angel Hair Pastarec_SesameShrimpBroccoli

Sesame Shrimp & Broccoli with Angel Hair Pasta


Grab some mussels when you see them at the market! If you’re a fan of these, you’re in luck – they range from $3 – $6 a pound and are a great source of protein and unsaturated fats. To prepare, clean and make sure they are tightly closed – toss any open shells and steam until they open. They great to eat simply steamed, but we think they are the PERFECT addition to a pasta dish!

Linguine with Mussels

Linguine with Mussels



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