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June 29th, 2017 by

Dancin' In the Streets picture

Summer’s here and we’re dancing in the streets to celebrate #Pastapalooza17!

Whether you’re dancin’ in Chicago or down in New Orleans, block parties are a great way to great way to celebrate summer with neighbors and friends. To help you plan your summer blockbuster, we’re sharing some party-perfect Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits below. In addition, we’ve created a special Pinterest board with more block party planning ideas and invite you to do the same….

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June 22nd, 2017 by

Vacation picture

Vacation is all we ever wanted. So pack up those flip flops, shore up that sunscreen and go explore – whether it’s your home town or sites across the globe!

We’re sharing some vacation-friendly Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits where the focus is on fun, NOT food prep! Easy, delicious, and healthy, these recipes will be on the table in no time!  What is YOUR favorite vacation spot with the family? Share a photo of your family enjoying summer vacation and you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE prizes consisting of a Dreamfields Family Pack and a $100 gift card! All entries automatically feed into our grand prize drawing for a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta and a $1,000 gift card! Remember, only one entry per day….

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June 15th, 2017 by

Toes in the Water Picture

Nothing feels better to dear old dad on a hot summer day than dippin’ his toes in the water and filling his stomach with delicious food!

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re sharing our best dad-friendly recipes from our Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits. But if you really want to make dad feel like a king, just click here (add hyperlink) , enter your name and email address (or his) and you might win this week’s prize – a case of Dreamfields pasta, 9-person instant tent and a portable LED tent light/ceiling fan. When you enter for this prize, you’ll also be automatically entered into our grand prize of a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta and a $1,000 gift card! Remember – only one entry per day. Click here to enter.  Life is good today!…

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June 8th, 2017 by

Schools Out picture

The last school bell has rung and the kids are in heaven. School’s Out For Summer and while we may not have any pencils, we sure have some A+ family-friendly recipes from our Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits that make it easy to eat a little bit healthier….

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June 1st, 2017 by

Summer Nights picture

Summer lovin’ sure is a blast, and, oh, those summer nights! Sigh. Week 3 of #Pastapalooza17 is designed for lovers . . . especially pasta lovers….

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May 25th, 2017 by


Listen up folks! It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means one thing — #Pastapalooza17 is here! This summer Dreamfields will be spinning our Top 40 Summer Pasta Hits for you along with exciting sweepstakes and valuable coupons. Every week is a new chance to win fun prizes with one lucky entrant winning the ultimate prize – A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF DREAMFIELDS PASTA AND $1,000 VISA GIFT CARD!…

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Stock Up And Save Big On Dreamfields Pasta At Albertsons!

September 2nd, 2015 by


Live in SoCal? Shop at Albertsons? We have exciting news to share with you! This week only, 9/2 through 9/8, at participating Southern California Albertsons stores, Dreamfields Pasta is part of the popular Albertsons “Fab 5 Sale.” Buy any 5 participating products and save $5 on each item. That’s one dollar off per participating item… it really is that simple to save. Keep an eye out for our in-store display and fill your pantry with the Dreamfields Pasta you love!

Stock Up And Save Big On Dreamfields Pasta At Vons and Pavilions!

August 26th, 2015 by


Live in SoCal? Shop at Vons or Pavilions? We have exciting news to share with you! This week only, 8/26 through 9/1, at participating Southern California Vons and Pavilions stores, Dreamfields is participating in the Score $4 event. When you buy 4 or more participating items you’ll save $1 each – mix or match with your club card. That’s one dollar off per item… it really is that simple to save.

Check us out on page 3 of the Vons weekly ad.

Keep an eye out for our in-store display and fill your pantry with the Dreamfields Pasta you love!

Liven Up Your Summer Menu with Seafood!

August 21st, 2015 by

Adding seafood to your diet is even easier in the summer because fresh fish is plentiful and the grill makes it easy cook in a flash. Here’s a simple guide to getting the best flavor and texture from your fresh seafood.

Fish – Pat the fish dry and season. Add a drizzle of olive oil or balsamic after cooking. Marinating fish before cooking makes it more likely to fall apart. Heat grill to medium-high heat, then oil it thoroughly and lower it to medium just before adding the fish. If your fish has skin, oil the skinless side well, sear it for 2 minutes then gently flip and allow the skinned side to take the heat as it finishes cooking. You only need to flip fish once – multiple turns makes it more likely to dry out. Cook fish 10 minutes for every inch – if it’s 1/2” thick, cook for 2 minutes, flip and finish for 3. When you’re taking the fish off the grill, gently separate it from the grill grates – if it has skin, use a thin metal spatula and slide it between the skin and filet. It should lift off, leaving the skin behind. Allow the fish to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Shrimp – When you’re grilling shrimp, get the largest shrimp you can find. Leaving the shells on keeps them from drying out, but if yours are cleaned, be sure to oil them well. A grill basket for smaller shrimp makes it easier stop them from falling through the grates. Shrimp cook very quickly – the shells will look bright pink and the flesh will look opaque when they’re done. Large shrimp cook in about 5 minutes, smaller shrimp cook in a flash, so don’t leave your grill unattended. You can season them and marinate them before OR after you grill them, but after imparts a stronger flavor – when you take them off the grill toss them in your fresh marinade and serve. Toss them with pasta if they’re shelled, or serve atop and let your guest peel them as they eat.

Mussels & Clams – These guys do all the work for you. Pick through them, choosing only the ones that are still closed, scrub them, toss them on the grill and close the lid. Peek after about 2-3 minutes, and remove them as they open. It’s that easy. Don’t serve any that don’t open after 5-6 minutes – they probably weren’t fresh. You can drizzle them with olive oil and fresh herbs or lemon. Serve with flavored butter – like paprika, celery seeds and cayenne, rosemary and parsley or chili powder. Put an empty bowl out for shells and dig in!

Lobster – Grilling lobster is a great way to get the most flavor! By not introducing additional water, the flavor is intensified and the resulting texture is tender and moist. Split the lobster lengthwise, starting behind the eyes, then flip and cut in half from the underside. Clean the yellow-green tomalley and break off the claws to cook them separately. Grill on a medium-hot grill, flesh-side down for about 4 minutes, then flip, season with butter, herbs, and garlic, then close the lid and grill until firm – about 5 more minutes.



Grilling Times

Fish – 10 min./1” thickness
Shrimp – 5 -6 minutes, until the shells are bright pink and flesh is opaque
Mussels & Clams – 3-5 minutes, until shells open
Lobster – 10 minutes, until flesh is firm

Safe Seafood

There is a lot of information about which types of seafood are safe to eat, and there are also concerns about sustainability. For the most part, the seafood you purchase from a grocery store or fish market will be safe, but it’s important to know about safe handling and potential health hazards. This guide will help you make the healthiest choices.



 Try Something New Tonight!

Adding fresh, grilled seafood to pasta is a great way to eat light! You can try something with a kick, like Spicy Linguine with Shrimp, grill extra salmon for a Salmon Pasta Salad, or Penne Primavera with Shrimp. Cook something different tonight and you may find a new favorite recipe!

The Garden Fresh Market Basket Challenge

June 16th, 2015 by

Challenge 1 Collage

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Dreamfields’ delicious salute to summer, we’re working with leading food bloggers to create exciting pasta recipes to enjoy on warm weather days…and help raise much needed support for local food banks. Learn more about Pastapalooza V. …

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